Thursday, 15 March 2012

Surface Design, Snowboards & Thomas Campbell

I have just been made aware of the artwork of American artist and filmmaker Thomas Campbell from an article on Hand/Eye. The article in question is about The Art of Burton and discusses a current exhibition of snowboard artwork from Burton, including some of Campbell's artwork. The article reminded me that product areas such as this can be really exciting in terms of surface design, allowing great creativity and a different vehicle for expression of style and identity. So any surface design students reading this might like to expand their horizons beyond 'fashion or interiors'... there's so much more to design for!

So this turned me on to the artwork of Thomas Campbell, who creates (amongst other things) beautiful mixed media work combining graphic doodle-style illustration, screen print, stitch, etc. His work is really fresh and contemporary, and despite looking very laid back and loosely put together, is incredibly skillfully done. The colours are almost edible and his drawing and use of composition is stunning.

There is an excellent interview and portfolio availbale on Slap Magazine's website, which is much better than Thomas's website.

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